Press Release | April 6, 2016

Trees Planted for Earth Day
By Breakthrough Vinyl Record Club, Vinylmnky
With the Exclusive Signed Release of the Eco-Friendly Album, Piuma

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(Austin, Texas – April 6, 2016) Breakthrough vinyl record club, Vinylmnky plants trees for Earth Day through the exclusive signed release of the super environmentally friendly album Piuma (py-ooma). Throughout April, new subscribers will receive Piuma along with a 10% discount for the first month of their Vinylmnky subscription, by entering the discount code “PIUMAMNKY” at checkout.

For each copy of Piuma distributed, $1.00 is donated to the Los Angeles non-profit TreePeople, which has been planting trees throughout Southern California for over 42 years. Piuma and Shining Light Records, partnered with top SoCal vinyl manufacturers to make this environmentally friendly release. Since Piuma is a carbon positive album, each record removes roughly 400 lbs from the atmosphere—the equivalent of powering an average home for a month. Vinylmnky’s distribution of Piuma’s EP will plant at least three Coulter pines, totaling 30,000 lbs/15 tons of carbon removed, for its members on Earth Day.

Vinylmnky was co-founded in Austin, Texas, by environmentally conscious music fans, Travis and Nick Jourdan, who seek to spread their love of music by distributing a breakthrough record each month with exclusive add-ons from the artist. Previous records include Tame Impala’s Currents, BORNS’ Dopamine, and Best Coast’s California Nights. Vinylmnky subscribers will receive AURORA’s All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend with a limited edition artist signed poster, in their April shipment.

Piuma is a progressive rock band from Los Angeles, California, led by guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist David Small. Piuma’s self-titled EP received press from The Vinyl Factory, Modern Vinyl, Collectively, A Journal of Musical Things, etc., and is in stock at top LA record stores like Amoeba Music, Vacation Vinyl, Origami Vinyl, and now Stax of Wax. Piuma was also released on March 16, 2016 as the first vinyl playback album on streaming music platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Pandora compares the record to The Black Keys.

Vinylmnky – Monthly Breakthrough Record Subscription
10% Off the First Month’s Subscription
Exclusive Signed – Limited Edition Piuma (EP) 12” 45rpm

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